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Brother Frank and Sister Cyd James started doing mission work in Papua New Guinea in 1993. The James family lived in the Southern Highlands Province for five years before moving to the capital city of Port Moresby in 1998. While in the Highlands, Brother James encouraged and strengthened existing churches, held Bible courses for pastors, and went on trips in the bush or jungle to preach the Gospel in different villages. He also completed an Articles of Faith and Church Covenant in the Melanesian Pidgin language. Sister Cyd James and their sons taught literacy, music, and tutored in other school subjects.

After moving to Port Moresby, the Lord opened the door for a new mission work to be established. It was organized into a church in January 2004. Brother Norman Malu was ordained to the gospel ministry and now serves as pastor. The Lord blessed with the church being able to purchase property in the Gerehu subdivision of Port Moresby where a meeting-house and parsonage was built. Brother and Sister James were also able to complete and print several more translation projects, including gospel tracts, Bible studies, hymns, "The Trail of Blood", and a Commentary on the Book of Revelation.

The church in Port Moresby continues to spread the Gospel within the city and has a mission point in Sogeri in Central Province. They are also continuing to make various mission trips and to teach young pastors in the Highlands as they are able.

At the end of 2009, Brother and Sister James moved to New South Wales, Australia, where they spent several years working with Faith Missionary Baptist Church in Cobbitty. Their burden is to see the gospel continue to go forth, sinners saved, the saints edified and built up in the faith, and the Lord glorified through His church.

In December of 2012, Brother and Sister James moved to Western Australia, settling in a residence in the Mandurah area. Mandurah is the second largest city in the state and is located south of Perth. In April of 2013, they were able to locate a place to hold services. After much effort, Brother James was able to start conducting public services in June of 2013, with several visitors in attendance and some who continued to attend services each week.

In December of 2013, Brother and Sister James applied for and received permanent residency status in Australia. Permanent resident status frees them from the labor and expense of having to renew their visas every two years as they were doing before. It further permits them the same basic privileges and responsibilities (with the exception of voting) as are held by citizens of Australia. This blessing will greatly assist in advancing the glad tidings of the gospel.

Also in December of 2013, Brother and Sister James relocated to the suburb of Pearsall on the north side of Perth. After a lengthy search, a suitable and available building was located at a local Primary School in the suburb of Padbury, which is in a very accessible and centralized location.

In May of 2014, while in the Perth area, Brother James established a website for the mission work there, praying they would become more known to the communities in Perth and beyond, also trusting the Lord would use the website as a means to reach the lost with the glad tidings of the Gospel.

In July of 2015, it became necessary for Brother and Sister James to seek a new sending church. After much prayer, the Lord fulfilled that need in September, 2015, by leading Home Missionary Baptist Church in Mt. Morris, Michigan to be the sending church for the James.

In June of 2017, the James returned to the U. S. for a furlough, due to health concerns. Upon returning to Australia, in October, the James moved to Geraldton, Western Australia, where they remain at present. Geraldton is about a 4 to 5 hours to drive north from Perth.

In February of 2019, after thoroughly covering the communities in Geraldton and following the leadership of the Lord, Brother James started a preaching point in Mount Magnet, about 4 hours drive to the east of Geraldton, towards the outback regions of Western Australia. Services there were encouraging as several people attended and expressed that others might as well. By God's providence, Sister James health was deteriorating and reached the point that returning to the U.S.A. was necessary in order to see her doctors here. They arrived in June of 2019

In August of 2019, Sister James's health improved with a new treatment protocol. In anticipation of the Lord's blessing of continued health improvements, they began planning return the mission field in the near future.

In November of 2019, Brother James returned to Australia with plans to move to Port Hedland, in Western Australia, which is several hours up the coast from Geraldton. Port Hedland is the second largest town in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, and also the site of the highest tonnage port in Australia, shipping and receiving containers as well as iron ore. Sister James arrived in December. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the government mandates relating to it, the mission work was limited to a series of Gospel messages that he had started in the local community newspaper. God's work continues.

2020 brought some difficult times for God's people throughout the world. Western Australia saw lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the fear of the unknown it brought to practically everyone world wide. As such, social gatherings and church services were forbidden for several weeks. Even the distribution of bullitins was not allowed. During that time, Brother James was able to continue to publish gospel messages in the local newspaper. Once things opened up again, visitors did come to serices which was a blessing. However, as the year came to a close, Brother and Sister James believed that the Lord was closing the door to further ministry in Port Hedland. God enabled Brother James to bear witness of the Gospel message throughout the whole area. Although there were more visitors to the services there than any previous place of ministry in Australia thus far, it was disappointing to see all of them turn aside from the Word of truth that Brother James endeavored to proclaim. Nevertheless, it is considered a wonderful privilege the Lord had given them to minister and spread the Gospel in this region of Australia.

As a result of a trip to Geraldton to follow up on some health issues that had arisen and their household belongings also in storage in Geraldton, the James moved back to Geraldton believing that it might be necessary for a time to recover Cyd's health. They continue to have a burden to minister in the Outback and remote areas with the message of the Gospel, which can be continued from Geraldton.

As 2022 wound down, Brother and Sister were living in Geraldton and holding regular services in the communities of Port Denison and Dongara. These towns are next to each other and about an hour's drive south of Geraldton, where the James live. The services continue to go well in Dongara/Port Denison with regular visitors in attendance. At this point, in addition to being privileged to proclaim the Gospel, Brother James has also had opportunity to teach on some of our Baptist distinctives.

Throughout 2023, Brother James had continued to hold weekly services in Dongera/Port Denison, with a consistant group of local people attending the services on a regular basis. Brother James began to teach some of our Baptist distinctives, which cause some to not return to the services. However, while some left, others came in and God's word continued to be proclaimed. For that continuing opportunity, Brother James was thankful. He had written and distributed several bulletins in the communities of Dongera and Port Denison throughout the year that had born fruit, with some of those attending services as a result receiving a bulletin in the mail. Over the past four years on the mission field, Cyd’s health had deteriorated to the extent that they believed it was necessary to take some time off for medical leave. For this reason, and believing that it was the Lord’s will, in December of 2023 they began preparing to return to the U. S. A, for the much needed rest, better medical care, and the recovery needed by Cyd. They planed to arrive in the U. S. in the spring of 2024. Until their return to the U.S. and after, continue to pray for God's blessing upon the Word that will be delivered each week.

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